Hanging Freshener - Skull

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So quick and easy to do, making them the perfect add on to your business product list.

Material: Glass & Wood

Capacity: approximately 10ml

Remove the cork and plastic bung from the bottle.
Fill the bottle with a mix of reed base and your favourite fragrance (approximately 80:20 ratio)
Replace the cork on the bottle making sure it is screwed on correctly. Turn the bottle upside down several times until the cork is sufficiently soaked.
Your diffuser bottle is ready to go!


PLEASE NOTE: Liquid may travel up the attached rope and into the bead and again further up. Familiarise yourself with the warnings and instructions for your preferred reed diffuser base and fragrances.

Hanging diffusers should not be left in high heat environments. 

Reed bases may damage surfaces such as wood, soft plastics and varnished surfaces as well as other surfaces. If your diffuser is hanging be aware of this and what it is hanging on. Tip the diffuser bottle upside down carefully and not over property in case you have not replaced the lid correctly.

Wipe all spills immediately.

Please be sure to include warning and care instructions to your clients.

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